My Story

Peytin | Little Bear

Most people call me Little Bear or Peytin Jo. I am the one and only kid in the house so I get a lot of attention. The world seems to revolve around me, but I'm sure every kid will tell you that. Everyday I play with my toys, watch TV, sing and dance, look at fun books with my mommy, and take pictures with my daddy. My mommy and daddy spend all their free time with me. They teach me new things, take me to new places, and make sure I'm happy, safe and healthy.

Mommy | Baby Bear

My mommy likes numbers and takes care of other people’s books. Her books are not fun and full of pictures like mine. She loves playing with me, holding me close, and is the first person I run to when I cry. Daddy called mommy “Baby-Bear” long before I was conceived which is why I’m called “Little-Bear”. My mommy is smart, hard-working, pretty, and loving. Everything I hope to be when I grow-up.


Daddy | Tommy Bear

My daddy is always pointing a magical thing at me that he calls a camera. Cameras are fun because they flash and let me see myself. I already have two of my own. Besides taking pictures of me, my daddy loves cuddling with me, chasing me around the house, teaching me to be his little helper, and thinks I'm a daredevil just like him. He tells me and mommy he loves us a million times a day. Everyone says I'm a daddy's girl and I'm OK with that!


Ten Things You Should Know About Me

  1. I’m full of personality.

  2. My parents have given me their “smarty pants”.

  3. I have at least 10 different nicknames.

  4. I can blow bubbles, no bubble gum needed.

  5. My smile is contagious.

  6. I help my daddy cook and clean.

  7. I give “high-fives”.

  8. I love to climb.

  9. I'm really good at pressing computer keys and I know secret computer shortcuts.

  10. I love anything banana. Banana shakes, banana pudding, banana bread, banana....



  1. Yep, that's me.January 2014
  2. Look whose walking.September 2013
  3. Tummy-time has paid off. I’m on the move.April 2013
  4. Birthed to perfection. I’m ready to take on the world. November 2012